Will USA legalize online casinos soon?

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What are the odds of legal online casinos in the USA any time soon?

Legal USA online casino

 The big question remains - will USA legalize the online casinos soon and what are the odds of this happening in the next year or so? If we believe everything we read on the internet these days, one may say that the odds are pretty good that USA will soon have legal online casinos. A lot of talk circles around the inability of the states to improve on their budgets or at least balance them and naturally they are expected to look for different avenues for tax income. Many have also suggested that quite a few states are already looking towards online casino gambling as a way of filling the large voids in their coffers. This was also helped immensely by the recent comments of DOJ that the Wire Act applies only to sports betting, rather than include online poker and casino gambling. And with all these positive news, certainly we may have legal online casinos in the USA very soon, right?

Well, not quite right. First, states with legal land-based Native American casinos will definitely meet strong opposition and lobbying against allowing legal online casinos in those specific USA states. After all, those gambling halls, hotels, venues and restaurants may be hurt by the legalization of online gambling at the state level. An option here is to allow the tribes already holding a land-based gambling license to expand their casinos online, as well. A bit murky, considering most Native American casinos are not overseen by the gambling commissions, rather by tribal authorities. At the same time, legal USA online casinos must be regulated. It would be interesting to see how this plays out, if it even gets close to legal internet gambling at states with Native American casinos.

 The second question mark for legal U.S. online casinos is the lack of political will. A lot of congressmen are certainly for legalizing and regulating the online casinos and poker rooms, but at the same time issues such as these are always very low on the political agenda. Unless there is heavy lobbying, which is clearly not the current case with the internet casinos and the poker rooms are not fairing any better.