The fine print at the online casinos

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What you should know about the online casino fine print

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 The fine print has become an integral part of all internet services and the online casinos are no different. When people sign up for an account at any online casino there is plenty of fine print, but just like everything else - not many people bother to read it. Of course there is a lot of gibberish, but there are a few important things one should read. Here we will point out the more important information you should know about the casino of your choice, without having to read the entire fine print. Of course, not all online casino terms and conditions are the same, but there are main aspects that overlap at every internet casino website.

  •  Ownership - it's good to know who owns the online casino. Some companies have a bad reputation and to avoid going out of business sometimes they would simply change the name of the gambling website and promote it as an entirely new online casino. This issues could also be avoided by using casino guides like our website, for example, where we keep tabs on the industry and you enjoy the benefits of countless hours of research, without having to do it yourselves.
  •  Licensing information - while ownership is good to know, licensing information is even better. One should strive to play at online casinos which are licensed and regulated at a jurisdiction famous for protecting the players. Unlicensed casinos are just like unlicensed doctors - it's the last place you want to visit. Antigua, Malta and Gibraltar are among the most popular destinations for gambling companies to obtain licenses. Keep an eye on the licensing information in the fine print, although this could also be obtained on the casino website.
  •  You responsibilities as a player - very important fine print to read. The player's responsibilities vary a lot at each online casino, but they are crucial and could be used against you. For example, many online casinos will not allow more than one casino account to be opened from the same address. But a lot of people fail to realize this and sometimes, for example a wife and a husband both open an account using their house address, and when it comes time for payouts of winnings - there could be a problem. If there is such clause in the terms and conditions of the internet casino you've chosen, make sure you contact the customer service if you plan to open more than one account.
  •  The online casino responsibilities - Another portion of the fine print you should at least take a look at. This part usually contains limitations rather than responsibilities of the online casino, so read it to see what the online casino is trying not to do. For example, it may contain the maximum time frame for payouts or the maximum amount of weekly withdrawals the casino would do. Keep in mind that such information could be obtained elsewhere on the casino's website, but it's still a good idea to have a look.

 Overall, it's good to read at least the major points of the fine print when signing up at an online casino. It could possibly save you a headache in the long term. The main point is that one should never assume anything, instead make sure you read the main points of the casino's fine print.