Credit card deposit problem at online casino allowing USA players

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The credit card problems when at online casino allowing U.S. players

 Even though there are plenty of online casinos allowing USA players, you are bound to run into problems if you live in the United States and try to play the casino games. If you are yet to have an issue, consider yourself lucky. But most gambler would not be lucky enough to cruse through the online casinos without encountering problems. Unfortunately those issues could be a big nuisance, hence we have build up a short list of the most frequent problems USA players could run into at the online casino. Most of those problems discussed here have no remedy and we have simply provided an explanation why the problem occurred in the first place and what you can do to avoid it.

 Let's start with the issue most often encountered at an online casino which allows USA players - the credit card deposit. If you want to fund your casino account using credit card (or debit card carrying major logo), the chances are that 1 of every 2 attempts will not go through. We highly recommend the Bodog Casino (official site), which currently has the highest credit card deposit success ratio, although Vegas Casino Online is right behind it on credit card deposits. Why this problem occurs? First, the credit card companies themselves have long frowned upon usage of their product at the online gambling websites. There are many people who end up at an online casino website which turns out to be a rogue one, or worse - a website purposely created to steal people's information, and with the credit cards offering consumer protection from identity theft, the companies themselves end up picking up the bill from the stolen credit card number. Because of this, for many years now the major credit card companies have blocked transactions to online casino gambling websites by using the code which identifies a credit card transaction as one originating at a gambling website. And the fact that the legality of the online casinos in the USA remains a gray area has helped none.

 The second reason you may run into the credit card problem at an online casino allowing USA players is the recently passed law in the United States, which has forbidden the banks from processing transactions to and from online gambling websites. Although various members of Congress are working on bills to strike down the law and unburden the banks and financial institutions from having to police millions of transactions daily and look for those originating from online casinos, the law is still in effect. The banks are yet to rush in and comply, but the passing of the law itself has done two things - scared some of the credit card processors which used to work with online casinos allowing USA players and made the rest of the processors charge higher fees for their services, making the credit card method a money-loser for the online casinos. Thanks to all of those hurdles, the most frequent problem one would encounter at the online casinos that allow USA players is the credit card processing. How can you fix the problem? The best solution is to try use one of the ewallets the casinos had made available. Those would guarantee a fast and problem-free transactions to and from your casino account. Another way to overcome the problem is to simply try another online casino.