Online casino promotions - best way to improve casino bankroll

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The promotions offered by the online casinos to existing customers are among the best ways of improving and increasing your bankroll.

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 There are many ways one can improve their bankroll at the online casino, but the promotions are one of those ways that appears to be overlooked by the majority of the gamblers. And we are not talking about the bonuses for new players, those are nearly impossible to miss, considering they are one of the main selling points of the casinos and many use them to attract customers from their competitors. The casino promotions we have in mind here are those weekly and monthly bonuses that many people don't seem to pay attention to.

 There are many different forms of ongoing promotions and bonuses for existing customers of the online casinos. Most players are familiar with the comp points - a complimentary points which accumulate in the course of gambling and could later be converted to real money or items by the player. That's one form of an ongoing bonus almost all online casinos offer these days. Some casinos also offer a bonus on every deposit you make, Bovada is one of those casinos, at the time of writing the casino is offering 10% bonus every time you fund your player's account.

 But the online casinos also post bonuses and various other promotions throughout each month and the preferred method of alerting their customers to those offers is by sending them an email. Unfortunately because of the spam many people have become all too familiar with, a vast number of customers never get to see those online casino promotions. Whether it is because the email was deemed a spam by your email provider and shoved in the spam folder or if it's because the players themselves assume the email contains nothing of real value - those promotions are often unopened and people don't know about them. Sometimes the online casinos simply send out a monthly bonus offer, other times the casinos want to send a bonus in relations to an upcoming holiday - these are all great ways to benefit by the casinos' generosity and at the same time improve your bankroll significantly. But as we mentioned, many customers never actually see those emails.

 That's why one should always check the promotions page of their favorite online casino and add the casino emails to their safe senders list. You don't want to miss on thousands in free money!